Adaptions for Mobility Scooter






The latest bag, was a new cushion cover, taken apart and the material used to make a bag that can be attached to the mobility scooter arm rest, easily. The size chosen, so it does not get in the way when going though narrow door ways/gates etc..


Favourite scraps of material were used to make the zip pocket, the open pockets and the phone pocket. With plenty of room for the extra dog leads and other bits. All sewn by hand, with left over dog clips and webbing for the straps.

Disabled Adaptions

Some of the things we (husband and I) make around the house are to do with my disabilities. Adapting the things around us, so we can change ‘I can’t to I can’. Some things we made years ago, some we are still adapting. I’m so grateful for a husband who’s been willing and able to make my life, so much easier.

We’ve adapted the mobility scooter, furniture, bags, desks, chairs. I’ll add photo’s soon.



Quick spray paint..

..touch ups. This was unplanned, spur of the moment project.

This white plate has been lying around my craft room, unused. So last night I gave it a quick spray with primer then added a yellowish orange spray, that was left over from another project. Love how it turned out.plate yellow

tool box8 (2)(Left) Before pic.

Did this glass candle holder at the same time. It was looking a mess, the paint had all been flaking away. So grabbed a spray can of gold and covered the mess up.

Worked better than expected.      candle glass