First Bear(s)


This page is about first’s. Well we have to start some where, it may as well be at the beginning. Below is the first attempt at a miniature bears head. Made out of upholstery material. He’s one of my favourites and I get a kick every time Christmas rolls around and he’s hanging out again.

A small 1″ Teddy Santa head for the Christmas tree.


There are a few first here, including a one time favourite doll, that used to be as big as I.

On the left the old Ted that my mother gave me, he went to the orphanage with me  (my name sewn into his paw pad), to a new home, to the USA and back to several homes within the UK. He now has moved on to live with the next generation.  A well travelled bear, in need of rest.


Above: The bear on the right is my first attempt at bear making. With nut and bolt joints, hand painted glass eyes (another fun first), sculptured face and shaved nose. For my mother-in-law’s bear collection.