Wood crafts

door signa

Above: Wooden name plate for a child’s bedroom door. It used to have a child’s name on the sides.


Above:   The cute sleigh was bought. Santa and his sign, along with his reindeer, were scroll sawed and painted (acrylics). A pipe cleaner and cotton wool finished the look. These have seen about 20 Christmas’s, so could do with a tidy up. If I was making them now, I’d use thicker wood and something else for the tail.



Where even start with these two. They are dotty. What was I thinking? An angelic ferret, with boots,wings and a halo. Along side a thief/bandit ferret with the same boots,halo and wings.

Well they were still fun to make and after all that is the reason, I even attempt any sort of art ‘n’ crafts. There is always something to learn along with way, even if it’s how not to do something.