Garden Projects

 Sheds, Porch, Benches, tables, bird feeders bird table, bird boxes, greenhouse, workshop, veg boxes, flower boxes…….

We know barely anything about gardening, but we are having so much fun with our little patch. Sometimes getting it wrong, sometimes happy accidents, that we meant to do, honest.

My husband  finds making and building therapeutic. There is a lot of therapy and joy to be had in our little corner.  Flower boxes, benches, even a porch leading from the back door to the outdoor loo. Yep, it’s an old house. Often I have the ideas but being partially disabled,lack the ability to follow through. Thankfully he adapts the ideas to fit his tools, recycled wood and performs the actual magic and makes it happen.

 The wizard at work.



Work in progress.


The supervisors and sometimes diggers.


Bird feeder and bird boxes

Flower Boxes 


Greenhouse and veggie box 


garden shelter2016