Bird Feeders, bird box.

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new birdbx

We didn’t encourage wildlife to our garden, as it would of most probably have meant death to whatever poor fur or feather being, who’d ventured for food or sanctuary.  Due to the efficient hunting skills of our old much loved cat Dargo.


He sadly passed away at the beginning of the year at the age of 15.

Now we’ve put a welcome sign out for the British wildlife. Our first bird box, made by Kev. It only a small start, but we’ve been buying seed, meal worms, brackets for the until now useless cement post, which we’ll now use to hang bird feeders. We also have a robin box to place (bought) in some hedge, with the hope one of the robins we often see, like us as landlords. We’re planing water ponds and features. Wild flower areas. Boxes for insects, hedgehogs, bats and birds. We’re loving this time of our lives, enjoying such simplistic days we spend together, planning  our little very amateur haven.

peanut bird feeder

Bird -Nut Feeder

Made from the front of an old fan, for the base (painted green, with exterior gloss). Two rolled up pieces of green plastic coated wire/mesh, one inside of the other, so the size of the holes can be altered. Topped off with plastic lid, also painted, with holes for wire/bamboo handle. The lid can be pulled up the  wire to fill up the feeder.


We had an concrete post from some past tenants washing line, so we turned this into our bird feeder. Next to the shelter.

garden shelter2016