Support Ukraine 2


We are so proud of your honourable President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, leaders, government and of you the brave, wonderful civilians. Standing for each other against an evil megalomaniac, murder, who’s been allowed to get away with too many vile atrocities

You’ve been his target for decades, he’s been allowed to carry on plotting against Ukraine by NATO, UN and the rest of the willingly blind world leaders, while we’ve all had to watch him do as he pleases.

Years ago German leaders were also watched and allowed to do as they pleased against innocent civilians for too long.

Let’s hope Europe, USA and the rest of the world do more than watch, more than sanction, this time.

NATO has become a joke, a useless, toothless, butt kissing, self serving joke. This is their chance to show they are worthy of any support or if this is their death knell, and shows they should be disbanded.

We look for the truth. We are watching.

We see honour and bravery from Ukraine.  Millions upon millions of civilians from many nations offer support and friendship.

We are watching, praying, supporting, feeling so useless, worry for your all. Ukraine may God be with you.

Support Ukraine


Sept 2019

New smart fencing around the bottom. . Looks great.  Darren worked his socks of clearing the area (after the birds finished nesting- all fledged), cutting back,  removing hedges and trees that bothered the neighbours , removed the old fences and replaced with new.  Looks like we’ve gained a lot of extra space for our ‘wild area’.

Kev added new barrels (for plants)  that were being thrown out by a shopping centre. They will need adapting (cut to size), painting etc. New plants, some bought, some giving by friends. New plans for the garden. It’s all in upheaval, not looking so good just ,now as part are being ripped out, ready for changes. Many plants in  pots, waiting for the right time to be put in new bedding’s.

Kev’s been building draws for indoors, draws for his workshop. Removing old damaged doors from storage cupboard and old out house. Replacing or making new ones. Painting the ceilings, walls, floor white. Green doors. Will add photos soon. Looks crisp and clean. He’s building shelves and having a sort out. I love it when we throw old stuff out. A good clear out of the cupboards once a year, out with the old, unused. broken, the things we wondered why we were saving that?

There has been a district lack of photos of so many projects. Must do better. I’ve been sewing most days or spray painting. In between bouts of ill health. It’s a battle, and progress at times feels slow, nope nope, not ‘feels’, IS ludicrously slow. But hey plodding along, is better than giving up.

Hope you all had a productive, fun summer. See you on the other side of Autumn. …with photos.


Beautiful and wet. Our little corner is under going a bit of an upheaval, as we are replacing old fencing, removing hedges to get to the fencing, which is a shame, but they will be replaced. Probably with something that we can manage better, with my disabilities and in our not so distant old age. Those joints are creaking already.

Lil June 2019

We have a pair of blackbirds nesting quarter way up, one of our trees. Will try to get better photos this week. For now here’s one enjoying some live meal-worms.


Once again we’ve been busy with many project and no time to actually add them here. We must do better! Procrastination is not a talent, even if you are good

DSC_0219 (1)                                                  *————————-*——————–*


Still up-cycling.  Will soon be adding several small projects.  At cold brier, it’s an end to a beautiful January.  This year we have new plans to over haul the garden. A lot of changes this year.

Just ordered a couple of wildlife cameras , fingers crossed will be adding some local bird pics soon.  Looking forward to catching some pics of our regular visitors and sharing them here.

Summer time and the …

Whew! We have weather, lots of lovely sunny days. A time for spending time outside. We had a beautiful garden, but this year we’ve been ripping it up and re-planning it. So at the moment it’s a working site and doesn’t look so good. We have a dog that allergic to grass and most plant life. He breaks out in terrible rashes. So part of the garden is fake grass, temporarily. It’s not a good look, but dog is happy. We even tore down the old bird feeder, and putting a new one in the front garden. In the hopes of getting a handle on the infestation of  harvest mites in the back garden.

We’ve been busy making and mending, but sadly not keeping up with this site or our photos. Kev’s been making a rising chair for the patio, from parts of an old riser. Pictures to follow.

—    —————————————    —

Happy New Year – 2018

Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings. It’s been a busy 2017, one of the best in many years. A productive year.

Wishing you reader, a wonderful year ahead. May all your artistic and craft endeavours please your spirit and your up-cycling efforts, bring you joy.

Christmas 2017 was the best it’s been in years. Though by the time we had the fourth Christmas dinner in just under two weeks, we knew you could have too much of a good thing!

One of this years goals- I’m going to take more photo’s and add them, while they are still in the planning, making stages, before the enthusiasm has moved onto another task. There has been too many projects, that never made it to this site.


Caleb hates getting water in his ears. So we tried shower caps. They aren’t amused, but no one’s piddled in our shoes yet. So we may get away with it.

Pups Shower mednoname

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